Here are some useful tips you can follow to make sure that your t shirt survives for a very long time:

1- 1. Although hand washing your t shirt in cold water is the safest washing method, you hardly have time for that. Hand washing is also not effective especially if your shirt has stains. So washing machine it is. Try to use the most delicate settings on your machine because this will ensure that your shirt is washed with a suitable water temperature to prevent from color fade and shrinkage.

2. Always turn your t shirt inside out before putting it inside the washer.

3. Don't put your t shirt into the machine with clothes of different color and fabrics.

4. Don't use bleach or detergents which contain bleach.

5. Don't dare to use the dry machine. It is the devil.

6. If you hang your t shirt outside, try to avoid direct sunlight because it can cause color fade.

7. Place a cloth in between the iron and the t-shirt for safe ironing

8. Another alternative to ironing is folding your t shirt and keeping it under your pillow while you sleep.

9. If you don't wear your t shirt often, don't hang it on a hanger. Fold it.